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Danny is highly experienced and deeply informed. He makes the complex simple. He explains how organisations think, and the challenges they face to survive. 

He brings unique insight into

  • the future of work, technology, economy and society
  • the crisis of flatlining productivity, and the secrets of the companies who outperform
  • the future of organisations, how they function, and the people involved
  • the future of emerging risks and new opportunities
  • the challenges of leadership operating in volatility and uncertainty
  • the unique leadership behaviours of the winners and the losers
  • why organisations (and even government) make the decisions they make
  • global trends in accounting, audit, investment and governments’ wellbeing budgets
  • what it takes to lead the great companies of the future.

Danny is uniquely able to explain the complex organisational, economic and social systems we live in: how they work, why they do what they do, where they are heading, the challenges they face… and what it means for us as individuals and societies.

Specialist insight: Governance, innovation, leadership, social licence, corporate culture, conduct risk, digital disruption, cyber-security, business use of technology, knowledge-economy, sustainable development, short-termism, loss-of-trust, wage growth, climate risks, global economic systems, regulation, audit, accounting and the ongoing future flow of emerging business and societal risks and opportunities. 

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A uniquely insightful view of the world.

Deeply independent thinking based on personal experience in advising real organisations – grounded by multi-disciplinary professional practice, academic research and personal involvement in global thought leadership initiatives. 

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