Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Organisation

It is coming at us faster than we think… and whatever you think is safe from disruption is imperilled. Starting from explaining the basics, we will build up to what you need to know to respond professionally and appropriately to the oncoming emergence of AI in your world.

This address seeks to help leaders and thinkers understand the Implications of Artificial Intelligence for their organisation – uncovered under the banner of three main themes:

  • Competitive Application. The use of AI to create disruptive competitive advantage… by you… or aimed at you.
  • Organisational Pressures. How will AI change the future of work, and set the future shape of successful organisations.
  • Governance Implications of the use of AI. How can we use AI responsibly, ethically, and within acceptable commercial, legal and social boundaries. 

Knowledge is power. This talk will give you the understanding you need about what Artificial Intelligence is, how we will see it arrive, and what you will need to do to prepare, and to respond.